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Thanks for using this gnome name generator! Honestly, I was certain that gnomes have featured in ancient mythology and folklore since time immemorial, somewhat like elves, fairies and similar creatures. However, before writing this article I made a little research and here is what I found. Gnomes were introduced in relatively recent history, 16th century (I said relatively…), and the man who introduced them had a significant influence on the development of science. Paracelsus’, that was his name, interests ranged from physics and botany to alchemy, astrology and occultism. He is commonly referred to as the founder of toxicology. Modern psychologists attribute yet another achievement to him: according to them, Paracelsus was the first to notice that some diseases are actually rooted in psychological illness.
Since Renaissance gnomes have achieved a great popularity. As for the day they feature in variety of fantasy movies, video games, television series and books. I know that a considerable part of people who work on the development of these characters waste loads of time trying to come up with their names. It is no secret that gamers who choose gnomes as their playing characters have a pretty hard time naming them too. In fact, it was exactly these problems that encouraged me to start working on this gnome name generator. Now that you have found it, you can cross thinking up names out of you “to do” list. The system I have developed will do this job automatically and all you will have to do is choose the name you like most.
Now although there are several gnome features that reoccur across tens of books, movies and video games (such as small stature), the portrayal of gnomes varies depending on the needs of different storytellers. You must have noticed these differences yourself, if you are familiar with the modern fantasy literature, such as The Chronicles of Narnia, The Father Christmas Letters, The Secret Book of Gnomes, The World of David the Gnome, Harry Potter series, The Sword of Sannara, The Wishsong of Shannara or The Little Gray Man. Having in mind that there is no single way to portray these creatures, we designed this gnome name generator to meet different requirements. To put it another way, we made sure that this system generates names of different styles.
So how do you start looking? Just click the button below this text and you will get an original suggestion! We hope you will find this gnome name generator useful!

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