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Thanks for using this gaming name generator! So if you are reading this text, I guess you have already tried to come up with some cool gamer nickname all by yourself and this did not go as well as expected. Yup, it is not easy to think of a great nickname and it is even harder to think of the one that would be still free. Now don’t stress out: we promise that with the help of this gaming name generator you will find some amazing naming ideas in a few minutes. And in the end, choosing a game name is not like picking a real name. If the name you choose starts annoying you a couple of weeks later, you can always pick a new one. One could say that the same applies for the names that are written in our passports and ID cards, as in most countries there is an opportunity to change them. However, changing the legal name is way more complicated than you might think.
Before you start using this system, let us give you one tip. Don’t choose the name based on its sound alone. Think of the games you play most often and make sure that the name you choose will fit into their atmosphere. This way you will not ruin the general atmosphere of the MMORPGs and avoid angry comments from other players.
So what kind of games is your favorite? Regardless of your answer to this question, we are pretty confident that this gaming name generator can offer something that suits your needs. Before developing the database, we have researched the most popular massively multiplayer online role playing games and made sure that the names we offer fit into their universes. World of Warcraft names, Entropia Universe names, Runescape names, Dream of Mirror Online names, Final Fantasy names, Guild Wars names, Lineage names, League of Legends names, Maplestory names… we have it all. Majority of the names we have to offer are quite universal and will go for variety of fantasy games.
So why aren’t you using this gaming name generator yet? Go ahead and click the button below this text to get a new suggestion! If you like it, slide down the window to add the name to your favorites section. Good luck looking and don’t forget to take a copy of your “Favorite Names” list before you close this window, because it won’t be saved automatically!

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