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Thanks for using this game name generator! I developed this system hoping to save myself and you guys from huge wastes of time, which would otherwise be spent on dealing with this task. Ok, now that I have written it down this does not seem adequate… The truth is we usually spend up to 20 minutes trying to think of a new game name, but this task is so boring that it seems to take forever. Plus, after we are done thinking, the results are usually not as good as we would want. Even if we manage to come up with a name that sounds pretty descent, it usually appears to be already in use and in the end we are stuck with some name that we did not even want… Well this has to end (read it in a dramatic and decisive tone, please)!
So to put an end to all this misery, I have developed an advanced game name generator that runs extremely fast and is easy to use. If you slide down the window you will see a button that reads “Generate Game Names”. Did you see it? If you did, you also must have seen our first suggestion waiting for you. If you had clicked on it too, the first suggestion would have disappeared and been replaced by the new one. This is how this system works! And don’t worry if you don’t have the best memory in the world. You would not need it here anyway, as all the names that have been generated up to a certain point are being stored in a section titled “Game Names Generated”. It is right here on this same window, just a little below. You can also use “Favorite Names” list to sort out the suggestions you like most.
Now here are a couple of simple tips you might like to keep in mind while using this game name generator. First of all, don’t be lazy and say the suggestions out loud. The impression you get after just reading them might be misleading. Second, if the name you choose appears to be already in use (if this happens- sorry in advance, but you have to understand that you are not the first person to use this system), avoid changing it by adding random numbers and letters. If you really think you cannot live without that name, add your initials or something that would make sense even for a stranger. We hope you will find this Game name generator useful!

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