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So, we decided it is about time somebody developed a really convenient and cool funny name generator. Surely, you could say that similar systems have existed for years before this website was even created. But if you have ever tried using any of them, you probably know that most of these generators ran really slow or was not as “free” as claimed in advertisements. So instead of sitting and wining, we started working on the system that would have neither of these drawbacks. The results of our efforts- the funny name generator that can come up with a suggestion within a blink of an eye and does not drain you bank account- is right in front of you.
You could be all skeptical about it and claim that nobody actually needs funny names, but we both know this is not true. In fact, in many cases choosing a really witty name is the easiest way to find some friends and admirers. You must have noticed that nobody likes mopes who take themselves too seriously. In contrast, we all love people who are not afraid to laugh at themselves, at least occasionally. Not only this signalizes that they have a good sense of humor, ability to laugh from oneself also indicates that a person has a healthy self-confidence that does not evaporate as soon as somebody makes a joke about him. Plus, as you might already know, laughter is the best ice-breaker if you tend to feel uncomfortable talking to strangers. In fact, the conversation that starts with a simple compliment “cool name” could easily end with an invitation for dinner, if that is what you want…
Of course, we do not suggest you use this funny name generator to come up with your new official name or a name for your child… Although it is hard to hold the laughter upon hearing somebody introduce himself as Mike Litoris, we really feel a little bit sorry for those poor bastards whose are named Knight Jedi I, Gaye Males, Judy Graham Swallows, Robert Fagot, Mahboobeh, Mister Love, Chew Kok, Rusty Kuntz, Oliver Loser, Jack Goff, WillieStroker, Batman Bin Superman and so on… (and yes, the people with these names actually exist). Instead, you could use this funny name generator to find a funny online nickname, pseudonym, XboX gamer tag, etc. Good luck looking and if you find this system useful, do not forget to recommend it to your friends!

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