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So if you have landed on this first name generator, you are probably facing one of these tasks: you are looking for a name for your realistic video game/book/screenplay character or the name for your baby. If the first is true, we are absolutely sure that with a help of this system you will have a perfect name in less than half an hour. This is not because we would think that finding the name for your character is the task of marginal importance, the one that does not deserve your time and effort. Quite to the contrary, we believe that the name of the character is an esential part of the full picture you are trying to create. After all, it is not only during real-life acquaintances that people base their first judgment on names. We do exactly the same thing when being introduced to book and movie characters.
Now if you are going to use this first name generator to find the name for your precious child, it is unlikely that you will manage to complete this task in less than 30 minutes. In fact, you should not hurry at all: the name you pick will follow your offspring for the rest of his/her life, so you would better take all the time that is necessary to make sure you are making a right decision. By the way, we strongly recommend that you do not make the choice all by your own, but consult with your dear ones instead. Surely, the first person whose opinion matters in this case is your partner. But it would probably be for the best if you two also consulted your parents and closest friends. This is not to say that you should necessarily follow their advices (you would probably go crazy if you tried), but hearing more opinions never hurts. Maybe your friends and relatives will bring out something that you have not even thought about.
Another thing you should keep in consideration while using this first name generator is that there is no need to make the final decision today. This is especially true if your baby is not even born yet, as your opinion might change completely the minute you see him. Anyway, just sitting here and waiting until that moment comes is not the best you can do to make sure that when the time comes, you will make the right decision. So go ahead, start using this first name generator and pick some names that your dear child could be proud of!

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