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Thanks for using this fantasy world name generator! The system you have just found was developed to help two kinds of people: gamers and writers. The later of these categories includes book authors, screenwriters and people who develop the plot for games. Before we start talking about this fantasy world name generator in particular and give you instructions on how to use it, we would like to discuss the importance of setting to any story. We hope that this basic information will help you make the best choice possible.
Those of you, who have been studying literature before, might know that the setting consists of three elements, all of which are closely related to each other. First of all, it includes the social environment in which the characters find themselves. It is extremely important, as it often dictates (or at least influences) their moral values, customs and manners. Second, it is the time in which the narrative plays out. You must have noticed that the importance of this particular aspect varies across stories. Some of them seems kind of detached from time in general and if it was not for trends and the level of technological development, you would find it impossible to identify the decade in which the story plays out. Meanwhile in other stories, historical context is an integral part of the main narrative.
The third aspect of the setting, which is the most important for those who are going to use this fantasy world name generator, is sensuous, psychical world of the work. Why is it so important? A talented writer can use the physical setting to convey the motives that guide his characters’ behavior. In order to create an inspiring, engaging and believable physical setting you will have to answer yourself a several questions. What does the world in which action take place looks like? What it sounds like? What is the general atmosphere of that location? Does it give a certain impression? The last, but not the least important of the questions you have to answer is “what could be the name of this world”?
We hope that with the help of this fantasy world name generator you will be able to answer this question in no time. So here is what you do to get the first suggestion: look below this text to find the button that reads “Fantasy World Names Generated” and click on it. Good luck looking!

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