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Thanks for using this fantasy name generator! When I told one of my friends that I am working on this fantasy name generator, it actually surprised him. “People who love works of fantasy are usually very creative. Don’t you think that a person like that would have enough imagination to come up with an original name without some automatic system?”-he said. And my answer to his question is here: no, I don’t think so. I believe that enjoying the fruits of somebody else’s imagination, as well as hard work, and engaging in creative tasks by yourself are two completely different things. Fans of fantasy necessarily have neither talent, nor passion for fantasizing. It is even more obvious that not all of them are good at naming. This is why I do not doubt that this fantasy name generator will come in handy for hundreds or even thousands of people.
So what exactly do we have here? You have just found a system that generates one name in less than a second and can come up with thousands of suggestions in a row. All you have to do maintain the constant flow of new options is keep clicking the button that reads “Generate Fantasy Names”. You will find it below this text, along with the first suggestion. Although it is likely that the first name you see will meet and even exceed all of your expectations, making you that there is no reason not to grab it and leave this website right away, we recommend you don’t do that. Give this fantasy name generator a chance to come up with something even better! But before you continue looking, slide down the window and add the name you liked to your favorites list, so you would not forget it. And how do you do this? Just find the suggestion that deserved your attention in the section titled “Fantasy Names Generated” and click on it! Yes, using this system actually is as easy as it sounds…
Now the answer to the question “what kinds of names do we have here?” is “pretty much all of them”. You will definitely find plenty of names that suit the most popular fantasy characters, such as elves, dwarves, hobbits, trolls, werewolves and other types of creatures that feature in Skyrim, World of Warcraft and similar games. Besides, this fantasy name generator will also provide you with plenty of names for human characters, who dwell in fantastic worlds!

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