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This fantasy name generator female was created for those who prefer fascinating imaginary universes to dull and boring reality. If you are one of this type, you probably have your favorite fantasy characters and could point out a several names you like most. Unfortunately, this does not mean that you would find it just as easy to come up with an original name that would be just as powerful and melodic as the names assigned to your favorite fantasy characters. In fact, most people who have ever tried dealing with this task would tell you that it is pretty difficult and requires quite a lot of time. To make sure that most of your time reserves are available for some more enjoyable tasks, we have developed this fantasy name generator female. As you will see, it is really multifunctional and can come in handy in variety of cases.
But why did we decide to work on fantasy name generator female, instead of developing a similar system that would generate names for male characters? We believe that coming up with the names for fantastic guys is pretty easy as it is… Or at least it is not as difficult as thinking up appropriate names for lady-characters of the same kind. Again, you want to know why? Whether you have noticed it or not, male fantasy characters are simply significantly greater in numbers (or at least they happen to be better known). To prove our point, it is enough to look at some of the “Greatest Fantasy Characters” lists. For example, here are the results of the poll, in which the visitors of one popular website were allowed to vote for their favorite fantasy/sci-fi creatures of all time: No. 1- Hellboy, No.2- Darth Vader, No.3- Boba Fett, No.4- Harry Potter, No.5- Han Solo, No.6- Dr. Who, No.7- Luke Skywalker, No.8- Buffy, No.9- Godzilla, No.10- Roland Descain…
So yes, according to the guys and girls who have expressed their opinion on this particular website only one out of ten greatest fantasy characters is female… When male characters are in the center of popular attention, most of us don’t know many examples that could serve as sources of inspiration and help us come up with powerful names for female characters. As we have already mentioned, this fantasy name generator female was developed to solve exactly this problem. So go ahead, use it and find the perfect name for you video game, screenplay or book character!

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