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Thanks for using this fancy name generator! If you think about it, “fancy” is the word pretty difficult to define… What makes something fancy? Maybe it is oneness, exclusivity, classiness, polish, elegance… Maybe it is all of these things together or actually something completely different? Anyway, although I cannot define this word, I know a fancy name once I hear it. Oh, it is such a joy for my ears… Unfortunately, I do not get to hear fancy names as often as I would like. Perhaps it is just a trend of a time? After all, modernity is unimaginable without simplicity. Or maybe that is because people find it difficult to think of a really classy names all by themselves and up to this day, there was no fancy name generator to help them?
After reading numerous blogs and forums, I can tell you that the later of these reasons is more possible. I’ve seen numerous authors asking for help, as they could not finish their stories due to this obstacle: they could not think of names that would suit their fancy characters. I have also noticed that fancy names have a considerable demand among young parents. Unfortunately for them, most of fancy names that we all know are very popular. If you don’t think that originality is not a necessary feature of a good name, you might not see any problem in here. However, those of you who want their children’s names to be not only fancy, but also uncommon, should use this fancy name generator to find something more original, than a standard name book would suggest. By giving your child an original name you will actually do him a favor: you will decrease the risk that due to the number of people with the same name in the kindergarten/school your kid will be nicknamed.
While developing the database for this system we have drawn inspiration from the names of classiest 20t century celebrities. For example, in the category of female actresses this list would include Eva Garbor, Lauren Bacall, Elizabeth Taylor, Ava Gardner, Ingrid Bergman, Catherine Deneuve, and of course, the star of Breakfast at Tiffany’s – Audrey Hepburn. For those who just cannot stand unfamiliar sounds, we have also included some names that are quite common in modern day, but still sound pretty fancy. Considering this, I think I can claim that this fancy name generator will meet the expectation of both eccentrics and traditionalists!

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