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Thanks for using this evil name generator! You must have noticed that one or few malevolent characters appear in almost every book ever written, every movie ever built and every video game ever developed. That is because it is almost impossible to tell an interesting, gripping story without introducing some badass character. Even the authors/screenwriters who avoid evil characters usually use a similar trick: they replace them with some other sources of sorrow, such as uncontrollable natural forces and various deceases. As about me, I usually admire evil characters more than the heroes and I am not going to apologize or feel guilty about it. It is just that malevolent characters have way more interesting, intriguing personalities and lead thrilling lives, unlike the heroes, who would just dissapear in the grim mass of people, if it was not for antagonists they rise up to fight.
To make sure the names suggested by evil name generator will meet your expectations we have put enormous amounts of effort into developing an extensive database. While working on it, we have drawn inspiration from the names of the most memorable evil characters ever, such as Cruella Devil (animated version of Hitler, if you asked the animal rights advocates), Dr. No (a member of an elite terrorist organization and a secret underground liar armed with giant laser beam; although in James Bond movie he was meant to be anything but funny, Dr. No inspired many parody characters), Sauron (the king of Mordor, the hell of middle-earth that appears in Lord of the Rings books and film series), Hannibal Lecter (a man with refined taste in every way, one could say), The Joker (on of classic Batman villains, a homicidal maniac with a sadistic and creepy sense of humor), Voldemort (if it was not for him, Harry Potter books could only serve as a wall paper), Emperor Palpatine (from Star Wars) and Damien, the anti-Christ boy.
But why are we talking about our database, when you can start using this evil name generator and see what we have there with your own eyes? We suggest you just click the button that reads “Generate Evil Names” right not! You can keep clicking as long as you want and each time you do that, we promise to provide you with an original suggestion. Have fun using this evil name generator and don’t forget to take a copy of your favorites list before you leave!

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