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Thanks for using this email name generator! When people need an email account they could use for work-related purposes, they usually try to register with their real name first. I believe this is actually a smart thing to do, as an email name that matches the real name sounds neutral, professional and is extremely easy to remember. However, people like me with rather common names rarely have option. If your name is not particularly exotic too, you know what I am talking about: there always seems to be that one person with the same name who is just a little bit faster than you. In some cases this problem can be solved using really simple methods, like writing the initial instead of the full name, switching first name and last name places, etc. However, these tricks do not always work.
And what’s there to do then? We suggest you use this email name generator to come up with a completely new name. Yes, I guess it won’t sound as officially as the standard email name, but this is not necessarily a problem. As we have already said, it is usual the professional email accounts that use real names. And if you electronic mail to communicate with your friends or other business non-related purposes, there is no need to stick to the standard boring name. You feel like a daredevil today? You need something to lift your mood? Then choose the craziest, weirdest, funniest name this email name generator can suggest! Not only it will brighten your own mood, it will also bring out the smiles on the faces of people who receive your emails.
If you still want an email name that would bear some connections to your real personality, here is what you could do. Choose one of the suggestions provided by this system as a base of a name and then improve it by adding your initials. Another way to make the name more personal without changing it drastically is to add a certain word that describes you. This could be a word that refers to your hobby (like traveler, dancer, bookworm), your physical qualities (blond, chubby, dark-eyed, etc.) or anything else you can think of. So what are you waiting for? I suggest it is time you go ahead and start using this email name generator! Have fun and do not forget to recommend this website to your friends!

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