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Thank you for choosing our elven name generator! You don’t have to be an expert of Norse and Germanic mythology to know that elves are supernatural creatures gifted with grace, wisdom and magical skills. According to the ancient texts, these being are ambivalent towards human race: in some cases they seem willing to help them while in the others they simply amuse themselves by hurting people. If you have read any of folk tales featuring elvish creatures, you would probably agree that they are really fascinating. However, the actual reason we have decided to start working on this elven name generator has little to do with folklore, myths and legends.
There was a day when most people believed that elves are just as real as you and I, and the only reason why we don’t encounter these magical beings on daily bases is that they don’t want to be seen or have anything to do with us, unfortunates. Nowadays, every person that is above 7 years old would probably claim that they do not believe in elves, if only for one reason: they would not want to be considered insane… But although modern society seemes to have exiled elf race into the realm of fantasy, it did not stop admiring these magical creatures. They still feature in the books we write and read, movies we build and watch, games we develop and play…
So as you might have already guessed, modern fantasy games are exactly the reason why we have developed this elven name generator. Some of them not only allow choosing elves as playable characters, but also give you a chance to choose whatever name you want! Ok, this is not exactly true… The name you pick has to be truly elvish (whether you have noticed it or not, in most games this race has certain naming traditions, rules that guide the process of creation or choosing) and original enough. If you are a devoted fan of fantasy games you already know that coming up with a name that would meet both of these requirements is not easy… In fact, we assume this is exactly the reason why you decided you could use an automatic elven name generator.
So now that you have found it, what are you waiting for? Thousands of powerful, original and melodic elvish names are already at your fingertips and all you have to do to get to them is click the button right below this text!

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