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Thanks for using this elf name generator! The type of creatures we are going to talk about has featured in the folklore of various nations since time unmemorable. Most scientists believe that the source of tales about elves is in Norse mythology. However, in the modern works of fantasy, books, movies and video games, as well as Victorian era literature and Middle Ages folklore, these creatures are portrayed different from the Nordic tradition. As a rule, elves are portrayed as humanoid creatures that live in peace with animals and nature in general. It is also not uncommon for them to be pictured as semi-divine beings. Probably the most common physical feature of elvish characters is pointy ears. This trend was greatly encouraged by celebrated fantasy writer J. R. R. Tolkien, who noted that the elves of Middle-earth have ears shaped as leaves.
Here are a few more things you should know before starting to use this elf name generator. Although in the works of fantasy that reached the world after the release of legendary novels by J. R. R Tolkien elves are usually portrayed as wise, beautiful and kind hearted creatures, this is not a rule. In variety of video games these beings are portrayed as sneaky, malevolent and unfriendly to human race. Thus while developing a database for this elf name generator we made sure that it has enough names that sound rather devilish. The book authors allow themselves to improvise, while writing about these creatures too. For example, in the novels by Terry Pratchett (the author of Discworld), elves appear as creatures who have neither real emotions, nor imagination and are extremely vulnerable to iron. Elves in Harry Potter series appear as slaves who are more similar to brownies and goblins, than to their counterparts in J. R. R. Tolkien’s writings. So if you are going to use this system to find names for your book characters, do not feel confined by the Tolkien tradition.
We could talk about various subtypes of elves in books and video games for ever, but it is time for us to give you the instructions that will guide you through the process of searching. For starters, click the button that reads “Generate Elf Names”. When you see the name that seems worth your character, slide down the window to add it to your favorites section. The last tip: don’t forget to take a copy of your favorite names list before you leave this elf name generator!

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