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Thanks for using this dwarven name generator! None of us have seen a dwarf in a real life. If you did, please accept my apologies… Maybe I’m being impolite here. I should probably talk only about myself. So I have never seen a dwarf in a real life, but it sure seems like they have invaded and taken over the realm of fantasy and popular culture. It is nothing new that these characters feature in mythology, folklore and fairytales- they always did. We have all read Snow While and Seven Dwarves and similar tales back in our childhood. But today dwarves are among the main characters in variety of modern books, movies and video games. This is what makes me believe that this dwarven name generator will be pretty popular.
First of all, I guess we could all agree that a system like this could come in handy for some fantasy book authors, screenwriters and game developers. Just think about it: sometimes those poor people have to come up with tens of original, memorable and well-sounding names at once and not of them have the imagination that of J R. R. Tolkien. So can you imagine just how much time it takes? And it is not like this was their only job… Our hope is that with this dwarven name generator their job will be much easier. Of course, sometimes the process of decision making is just as difficult as the whole brainstorming/coming up with ideas part. But at least now they will have to deal with one task instead of two: this system will provide authors, screenwriters and game developers with thousands of options and all they will have to do is pick the ones they like most.
You do not belong to any of these categories? Are you a gamer who landed on this website looking for some ideas on how to name his/her dwarfish online character? If this is a more or less accurate description of you, this dwarven name generator will meet all of your expectations and maybe even exceed them. We have names for dwarf characters that will fit in all the official Lord of the Rings games and basically every other game that is set in some place similar to Middle earth, such as The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. So go ahead and start looking! We hope this won‘t be the last time you are visiting our website!

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