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Thanks for using this drag name generator! You must have noticed that the term “drag queen” is still unfamiliar in certain circles. If any of such people have accidentally wandered into our website, here is a brief and understandable definition. A drag is a person (usually a man, but there are also some female drag performers) who dresses in female clothes, wares make-up and exaggerates some kind of behavior or characteristics commonly ascribed to the opposite sex for the purpose of entertaining. So now the next time you hear somebody mentioning drag queens or kings, you won’t have to rely on your acting skills to pretend you get what they are talking about.
Here is one more interesting, although not that essential, fact that you might want to know before starting to use this drag name generator. The word “drag” itself has little to do with Standard English language- it originates from Polari, the type of slang that was popular in the beginning of 20th century. Back then Polari slang was used not only in gay communities, but also among criminals, prostitutes, showmen and merchant navy sailors. It is basically a mixture of thieves’ cant, black slang, London slang, rhythm slang and Italian languages. In fact, H. Mayhew has once described Polari as a “broken Italian”. If you got the impression that Polari slang is quite difficult, you are absolutely right. Of course, a person could easily learn a several phrases, but the “fluent Polari” is quite hard to imitate.
That’s it, enough of interesting facts. Let’s talk about what this drag name generator has to offer. If you know some famous drag queens, you must have noticed that their names are usually really extravagant and playful. Jackie Beat, Lady Bunny, Lady Chablis, Divine, Dame Edna Everage, Sky Gilbert, Jazzum- these are just a few examples. The names in our database are generated in a similar manner, so we assure you that all of them will sound realistic enough. Now to start using this drag name generator you have to click the button that reads “Generate Drag Names”. Just look below this text and you will see it! If you want some name added to your favorites list, find it in the section under the title “Drag Names Generated” and click on it once. Besides, the names in your favorites list can be edited, so you are welcome to use your own imagination and improve our suggestions!

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