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Thanks for using this D&D name generator! The system that you have just found was developed to ease the lives of millions of Dungeons and Dragons players. As you might know, this game was developed about 40 years ago and have not lost its appeal ever since. I couldn’t say this is surprising, as D&D is actually one of the most engaging role playing games ever. What is actually disturbing me is that during the 80s and 90s this board game has been at the centre of fierce criticism. You have never heard about that? Then here are a few facts you should know before starting to use this D&D name generator.
Since the release of the game there have been some arrows flying towards Dungeons and Dragons. Mostly this was the criticism from various overly religious groups and organizations. However, the greatest attack on this game was launched in 1984, with the release of Jack Chicks comic Dark Dungeons. This piece of anti-game propaganda reflected almost every paranoid belief about role playing games that was held by the most superstitious part of the society.
It claimed that Dungeons Masters are malevolent temptresses trying to corrupt the payers and to make them susceptible to the forces of evil, that the books contains real spells of black magic, that if a player is successful and achieves a certain level he is invited to join a secret evil cult and that if his character dies, the person is most likely to commit a suicide… Seriously, with such enormous imagination, I am surprised that nobody claimed to have heard the lead figures screaming, when thrown into the fire. I guess that is why a popular saying suggests that there are only two infinite things: the universe and human stupidity.
Now we all know that this is a complete nonsense, so you can use this D&D name generator without any fear that the game will put your life to ruins… We can promise you this much. We can also assure you that the system we have developed is extremely convenient and easy to use: all you have to do to get a new suggestion is click the button right below this text. This D&D name generator also allows you to create a list of your favorite names. If you take its copy before leaving this website, you will have some ready options for the next playing session!

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