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Thanks for using this cowboy name generator! I cannot explain why, but I find western characters more fascinating, romantic and memorable, than those of any other type. And I know I am not the only one: old westerns still have incredibly high ratings on various websites and new movies featuring cowboys just make people flood into the cinemas (in fact, this is why I do not doubt that this cowboy name generator won’t remain unused).
Maybe what makes these characters so attractive is that they combine two things that most of us can’t resist: the romance of the past and what could be called a “badass gene”. Surely, there are countless movies that bring us even further back in history and it would be hard to argue that they lack romance: for example, the setting of Middle Ages offers plenty of it. However, the heroes of this historical period – chivalrous knights- are usually portrayed in the most banal way possible. They are so noble, generous, selfless and dedicated to “The One” or to “The Cause”, you could almost fall asleep while watching them. Meanwhile cowboy characters are anything but boring. They are usually multilayered personalities with characteristics and habits that are rather controversial. They are kind hearted heroes in some scenes and reckless adventurers, or even criminals, in the others.
From what has been said we can conclude that coming up with an inspiring cowboy character might be the key to the success of any storyteller. And if you are a book author or screenwriters, this cowboy name generator could actually help you to do that. Of course, it won’t do the whole thing for you: the task of creating the round character will remain on your shoulders. However, once you have the name this task will become much easier. Are you wondering how exactly? Our brains work in the strangest ways. Once we here a name of a person, we start imagining the way he looks and sometimes even make guesses about his personality. So just look through some of our suggestions and once you find the one that sounds good to you, close your eyes and see what comes into your mind. Write your ideas down and you will have a foundation on which to develop a character. Of course, this is just a tip and you don’t have to follow it. We are sure you will figure out the way to make best use from this cowboy name generator all by yourself!

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