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Thanks for choosing this company name generator! When you are still on the first step of your career and are working at the lowest level, it is not hard to start thinking that your boss – was he an owner of a company or just a hired CEO – is getting his money for doing nothing, but shouting here and there. Yes, there is a temptation to start believing that it is you, and people like you who are actually doing their job. We cannot say that this kind of opinion would be wrong completely. I do not doubt that there are some lazy-ass bosses and CEO’s who actually get their salary for wearing a costume. I guess some of them have actually worked hard to get into the highest position and think that this is their time to get some rest, the others landed their jobs just because they were lucky, had rich parents or some influential friends.
However, I believe that lazy-ass company owners and CEO’s do not constitute a majority. Most of them have plenty of stuff on their hands and are completely overwhelmed with work- especially when they are launching a new business. This is actually the reason why I have decided to develop this company name generator. I’m not going to say that by using it you will find a name for your business in five minutes (I have actually seen some of the other website managers making such promises). This is not impossible (if you are extremely lucky), but generally we do not recommend you to make such an important choice in such a rush.
Instead, you should use this company name generator to find a several names you might consider as an option and then sleep on it. If by the next morning you are still not quite sure which one to choose, we suggest you consult with your friends and/or colleagues. In fact, seeking for an advice would not be the worst idea even if you do feel absolutely certain about your preferences: other people might bring out some points that you have not even though about and change your opinion completely. On the other hand, you should not let your opinion go too easy. After all, this is your business and you get to make the final choice.
We sure you have other stuff to do, so do not waste your time any longer and start using this company name generator right now!

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