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Thanks for using this Celtic name generator! Although there was a day when Celtic was widespread in Europe, today this language is spoken in relatively few regions: Patagonia, Brittany, British Isles and Nova Scotia. There are also some Celtic speakers in the United States, Australia, Canada and other regions in the world, that where once popular destination points for Irish emigrants. However, their diaspora are quite small and still diminishing. When people are exposed to the influence of extraneous cultures for an extended period of time, it becomes difficult to avoid a certain level of assimilation. Especially when it widely agreed that Celtic is by far more complicated than English, the language that dominates in most areas that are currently inhabited by Irish diaspora.
Some people see this as something positive, but to tell you the truth, for me the expulsion of Celtic language from the regions that where once its stronghold is a sad thing. In fact, this is one of the main reasons why I decided to develop this Celtic name generator. I know that the decline of this ancient language, the process that started hundreds of years ago, is hard or even impossible to avert and maybe it is not even necessary. What I think definitely is necessary, is not to let this magnificent language to disappear from the public sphere and from our memory completely. And I think that this Celtic name generator can contribute to this goal.
I am not suggesting that all of you, who have some ancestors from (formerly) Celtic regions or simply adore this language, go and start giving your kids Celtic names. Surely, this would not be such a bad idea, as in my opinion they are extremely powerful and melodic. However, they also might sound a little bit weird for an ear of a non-Celtic speaker and be difficult to pronounce. So if this is a deal-breaker to you, we completely understand. In fact, I just hope that this system will help you get a better understanding of Celtic naming traditions and maybe encourage you to appreciate Celtic cultural heritage a little bit more. This Celtic name generator could also help you to come up with names for some of your MMORPG characters, if you are into gaming. You have any other ideas on where to use this system? Than just go and do it, we are always glad to help you!

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