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Thanks for using this catchy name generator! I believe there is no need to tell you that in certain situations catchiness is the most important feature of the name. This applies if you want to become a widely read author, accomplished comedian, musician and in variety of other cases. So we can all agree that in catchiness is something desirable. But have you ever thought what exactly makes the name catchy? Is there some formula you could use to create or find a name that would stick in everyone’s memory? In the rest of this article about catchy name generator we are going to address both of these questions.
So I think we would all agree that in some cases what makes the name catchy is simply the way it sounds. There must be something about its rhythm, rime, melody… I have noticed that one of the ways to make people remember your name is to use first name and last name that starts with the same letter. Jimmy Joe would be one of the most primitive examples of how this name creation formula is applied in practice, but this catchy name generator will definitely provide you with some more subtle suggestions. I think that riming names are usually pretty catchy too, that is why I have included some of them into our database. Skinny Vinnie, Fat Pat, Tall Paul, Stormin’ Norman, Abe the Babe, Boozie Suzzy, Nose Rosie, Able Mable, Rich Mitch, Sick Nick… These names won’t fit in some extremely official context and they certainly do not scream “this is a mature person”. But if you are going for some fun and are not too worried about what the others might think, I think they will suit you just perfectly.
I should also say that sometimes the catchiness of the name does not come from the way it sounds. If the name is funny or/and represents your personality, suits your character, I am sure that it will stick in everybody’s mind. Just one more thing you should know before starting to use this catchy name generator: it is extremely important that the name would be easy to pronounce. While developing our database, we did our best to exclude all the names that are also tong-twists. However, some of the names we have included might still be a bit too difficult for non-English speakers. Keep this in mind and read the names out loud before making your decision!

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