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Thanks for using this British name generator! So for starters, let’s talk about the purposes of this system. This generator was developed to solve the widest range of problems. First, we dedicate it for all the authors who are almost finished pulling their own hair off, trying to come up with the name that would suit their character. Second, we believe it will help tens of screen-writers, who are trying to find their place in movie industry (especially for the ones who do not come from Britain and are unfamiliar with the English, Welsh and Scottish cultures). It is tuff out there and sometimes the concurrence is really overwhelming. In a context like this, you must make sure that everything in your screenplay, including the names of your characters, are absolutely perfect.
Third, we assume this British name generator could be perfect tool for all of you, fellow Sims fans! I know that once you have been playing for years and/or your digital cities are already inhabited by tens (if not hundreds) of weirdest characters, it becomes pretty difficult to come up with something original. Plus, thinking up names is definitely not the most interesting thing you can do on Sims… We are absolutely sure that with the help of this British name generator you will be able to name all of your Sims in a couple of minutes, leaving more time for playing.
Last but not least of our goals was to develop a system that would help all the (would-be) parents who are tired from browsing tens of different websites. If we have succeeded (and I believe we have), you will find everything you need on this one page. What we are offering is thousands of British names that are generated within a second each time you click the button that reads “Generate British Names”. We understand that in circumstances like this (when the decision is extremely important and when the number of options is almost overwhelming) you might find it difficult to decide. Thus we have also developed sections “British Names Generated” and “Favorite Names”. The first of them will remind you of all the possibilities you are facing, while the second one will allow you to sort out the best names and compare them in between.
This is all you have to know about this British name generator, so go ahead, start using it and if you are satisfied with our website, please recommend it for your friends!

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