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Thanks for using this Brazilian name generator! If you asked me, Brazilians (and Portuguese) have some of the most beautiful names in the world. They are melodic, powerful, have interesting meanings and they definitely do sound exotic for the foreigner’s ear. Thus I would not doubt even a second before giving my child a Brazilian name. However, I must admit I might be not exactly objective on this particular question, as I have spent a lot time in this country and happen to fall in love for it. If you do not plan on using this Brazilian name generator to find a name for your baby, there is plenty of other ways it could help you.
For example, this Brazilian name generator also contains names, which resemble names you could come across in Brazilian folklore, myths and fairies. You don’t know any of these Brazilian fictional creatures? Well here are some of them… Corpo- Seco is a really scary one. His name translates literally as “dry corps” and there is a great legend behind it. It suggests that while living on earth this man was so evil and impure, that the earth refused to take his body back into it. His soul was too devilish even for the devil himself, thus he refused to let him stay in hell! Now this blood-curdling creature walks on earth miserable and unhappy, spilling his anger on people who are still alive. Lemanja is a goddess of sea, while Boto is one more mythological creature you would not want to meet in a real life- especially if you are young and beautiful woman. The legend goes, Boto, who usually swims in the sea as a dolphin, has an ability to shift shape and sometimes turns into a charming man to seduce helpless girls. Maybe these characters, along with our Brazilian name generator will inspire you to come up with some tale of your own?
If you are not much into writing, you could use this system to find a name for one of your video game characters. It will suit your perfectly, if you are into football games. As you know, Brazilians are among the greatest football players in the world. Ronaldo, Neymar, Pele, Ronaldinho, David Luiz, Alex…- Everyone knows them. And I know it sounds a little bit silly, but names have a huge influence in the formation of first impression. So use this Brazilian name generator to find a nickname and it will be more likely that the others will regard you as skilled and talented player!

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