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Thanks for using this boat name generator! So a couple of days ago I was walking down the docks and just couldn’t believe my eyes seeing how lame and unoriginal most of the names that belong to local boats are. A cool name is a really rare thing to see round here, thus when I see one, I feel an instant urge to find the owner who came up with it and to shake his hand for not letting the tradition of naming boats to become some miserable parody of what it used to be. I hope that now when this boat name generator is available on the internet, the situation will start to change. Of course, I do not expect the boat owners to rename their “iron swans” (by the way, this is a pretty common name) right away. But I do believe that the people who have just became proud boat owners will use it to find names that would not bring a disgrace even upon a royal ship.
As I have already mentioned, the reason why I have developed this boat name generator is not only that most of the names I see around today are lame, ridiculous and/or meaningless, but also that they are very repetitive. If you take some 10 minutes to walk around the dock, you will see plenty of names that end with roman numbers or only differ in spelling. In order to find out what the most popular names on the national level are, I have dug out some statistical data. The numbers that are available to me are a couple of years old, but I don’t think that there have been some major changes in this field ever since. So based on orders received for decals, the most popular names in the United States are Seas the Day, Nauti Buoy, Aquaholic, Dream Weaver, Pegasus, Serenity Now, Second Wind, Liquid Asset, Miss Behavin’ and Blue by You. So if, by any chance, you have considered choosing any of these names for your personal boat, you might want to rethink this decision (unless you are absolutely ok with with the fact that the name of your boat will be anything but original).
Now here is how you use this boat name generator. First of all, keep clicking the button right below this text until you see the name that seems good enough for your boat. Than slide down the window to add it to your favorites list and continue looking!

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