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Thanks for using this band name generator! If you are not new in music world yourself, or just have some friends who work in this sphere, you must know that coming up with a right name can have a major positive influence on band’s success. And almost ironically, you can rarely hear a group name that sounds great, regardless of what you think about the group. I think there are at least two major reasons behind this. First of all, although I can only speak about my friends who work in music, I have noticed that they tend to be overly idealistic. To be more particular, they tend to believe that what it takes to get famous is talent and some luck, meanwhile things like group name and style are of secondary importance.
Second, although one might think that both making music and naming requires creativity and thus a bunch of people who are good at one of those thing should also do a good job with the other, this is not how it works. To come up with a right band name, being creative is not enough. You also have to be able to identify your target audience and realize what kind of name could appeal to it. Plus, although naming a band does not require a degree in marketing, the basic knowledge does not hurt. And let’s be fair… A considerable part of musicians are not particularly realistic about their audience and have no idea how to find a name that would sell.
Are you a musician who is looking for a name for his group? If this is exactly the case, let’s make things clear. I’m not going to try to convince you that this band name generator will guarantee you a Multiplatinum certificate from Recording Industries Association of America and turn you and your band mates into millionaires in a month. However, I believe that this band name generator will make your way towards success a little bit easier.
The system we have developed could also come in handy for all the authors and screenwriters who are not directly involved in music, but are mentioning fictional bands in their writings. As you know, groups that does not exist in a real life is not uncommon things in films: Citizen Dick from Te Singles, Sexual Chocolate from Coming to America, Stillwater from Almost Famous, Sex Bob-omb form Scott Piligrim vs. The World- these are just a few examples of fictional groups you might know. Good luck using this band name generator!

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