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So if you landed on this baby girl name generator I assume you are about to become a mother or father! Congratulations on that, this is definitely one of the greatest thing that can happen to a person. That little angel will bring a lot of joy into your life, but as for now, you have a difficult and important job to do: you must find the name that your daughter could be proud of. I am sure that this baby name generator will help you do it, but… In the end the choice is up to you and it is not an easy one. So here come a several tips you might find useful.
First of all, think twice before giving your baby a name that seems really fashionable today. The fashion of the moment is often influenced by celebrities (the choices they make when naming their children or just their stage names), movies, music, etc… However, sooner or later these trends fade away and than what you are left with is just a weird name, that doesn’t necessarily sound good or have any meaning. Here are some statistics to support our point. One tenth of parents regret their name choice and more than half of them claim they feel this way because they have picked a name that was fashionable at that time.
The fashionable names I am talking about are not necessarily “hipster”, like Apple or Bluebell. For the last few years the most popular girl names were rather conventional and in my opinion, beautiful, like Emma/Emily, Madison, Hailey, Olivia, Isabella and so on… These and similar names are included in the database of this baby girl name generator. But if you decide to choose one of them, you should keep in mind the likelihood that your daughter will share the name with a couple of her friends/classmates and later colleagues. This would not be a major problem, of course, but I don’t think this would be a good thing too. A person must feel that his name is unique, just like his personality.
Now here is one more tip: don’t let your parents have the final word. Use this baby girl name generator to find a several names you like and if you feel like doing it, consult your family and friends. But at all times keep in mind that the right to make the final decision belongs to you and your partner.

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