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If you are going to use this awesome name generator to find the name for your child, you have to be ready to walk on the edge: our suggestions are not for some average Jane and Joe. If used to name a person and not as a nickname, these names would sound really unordinary and a little eccentric. If you asked my opinion, this is exactly what makes these names so awesome. Names like Emily, Isabella and Jacob might be really beautiful, but they are just too common. We assume you don’t want your child to have a couple of classmates sharing the same name, or to have some three kids turning at you every time you call your child in the park. So use this awesome name generator and your kid will grow up enjoying an exquisite name! Besides, uncommon names are getting more and more popular among celebrities! For example, Beyonce and Jay Z named their daughter Blue Ivy, while Gwyneth Paltrow and her talented husband named their kids Apple and Moses.
You can also use this awesome name generator as a source of inspiration and then try to come up with some original names using your own imagination. However, be careful not to push it too far: you know kids can be cruel and you don’t want the name to become a reason for bullying. Here are some examples that should help you start thinking out of the box: Lemon, Lava, Sage Green, Hawk, Presley, Clove, Thorn, Diamond, Silver, Snow, Honey, Bloom, Ember, Dice, Jaguar… You could also use the last names of your favorite musicians, actors, writers, etc. Don’t you think Jagger, Morrison, Presley, Nelson, Cash Lennon, Joplin or Hendrix would be a great name for a cool kid? Another way to come up with a really awesome name for your baby is to remember some ancient myths. Names like Perseus, Calibos, Acrisius, Andromeda, Calypso, Cadmus, Adonia, Achilles, Athena, Apollo and Draco sound really powerful. However, before using any of them you should pay a couple of minutes to find out what kind of gods or other creatures they represent.
Now enough of talking, it is about time you go ahead and start using this awesome name generator. So just click the button right below this text and see what we have to offer! A little bit lower you will also find a couple of complementary lists that will make your decision easier.

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