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The Asian name generator we have developed could be used for variety of purposes, including finding the name for a baby. However, we do not expect many Asian parents to look for names on this particular webpage. As for one reason, we cannot offer you the name meanings and they are quite important when you are making such an important decision. Instead, we expect this Asian name generator to be used primarily by people who are trying to name some sort of characters: the ones who live in the frames of movies, book pages and settings of video games. If I had to guess right now, I’d say that majority of people who will land on this webpage will be gamers. Do you belong to this category? If the answer is yes, look no more! I have developed this system with most popular role playing video games in my mind, thus the names you find here will suit your digital characters just perfectly.
If you are a truly dedicated gamer, you must know that Asians have featured in video games for decades. However, it was not so long ago that Asian characters were absolutely stereotypical: as a rule, the females were portrayed as some slutty boob-jiggling dummies, while male characters specialized in martial arts… Fortunately, today the variety of Asian characters in video games is much greater. Some of them are actually so cool, they deserve a separate paragraph in this article about our Asian name generator.
If I had to choose, I guess my personal favorite would be Wei Shen. This name does not say anything for you? Wei was the undercover cop in Sleeping Dogs. After the tragic death of his sister, he decided not to rest until he takes down Triad and sends all of its leaders to hell, where they actually belong. I guess we could find quite a few guys who tried to imitate this amazing character by kicking and punching the air, while nobody else was at home. We are not judging… Wei Shen is actually the type of character that makes you want to step into his shoes, if only for an hour or two. My other favorites include Chun Li from Street Fighter, Faith from Mirror’s Edge and Ghost from Enter the Matrix.
I hope you had fun reminiscing about these characters together with me. Now go and check this Asian name generator out!

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