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Hello gamers and welcome to this Argonian name generator! Those of you who have been playing The Elder Scrolls games for years probably know the history of Argonian race better than that of your nation. However, I am sure that among our visitors are some gamers who have discovered this game series just recently. I think it would be too bad if they continued playing without knowing anything about these fascinating creatures, as the rich history behind each of the playable races is one of the things that make The Elder Scrolls one of the most acclaimed game series ever. So before you start using this Argonian name generator, here is what you should know about this type of playable characters.
Saxhleel (this is another way to call this race) feature in each and every Elder Scrolls game that has been released so far. Although the small groups of these reptilian creatures can be met throughout the continent of Tamriel, their real home is the province called Black Marsh. As you might guess from their looks, Argonians are absolutely unrelated to mer and men. They descend directly from His, sentient trees that grow in Black Marsh and at one point are described as “repulsive, but peaceful enough to be tolerated among the human kingdoms”. Argonians themselves are known to be intelligent and enigmatic. All the other races know that they have mastered guerilla tactics and it is better not to cross Argonians in their swampy homeland. There are more features that give Argonians relative advantage in comparison to other races: they can breathe under water and are immune to some dangerous diseases.
Now enough about this race, let’s talk about this Argonian name generator in particular. Following The Elder Scrolls race naming conventions, there are free „legit“ types of Argonian names: one-word names, Hyphenated Argonian names and Tammrielic/Cyrodilic names that can be both with or without hyphens. Our database includes all of these types, but not in equal proportions. Reesara Calimus, Wud-Ei, Beem-Kajin Androsilus, Neetek Nisilus, Huzeel, Alexazar- these are just a few examples of powerful Argonian male names that you might be suggested with. This Argonian name generator will also provide you with plenty of female names to choose from: Rana, Wushaye Pegulus, Bejeaje, Neetheren, Thari-Sakee Kaymesh, Ranasha, Okurhaz- these are rather typical examples of names should expect. I think I have said all you have to know, so go ahead and start looking for the name you need!

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