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Thanks for using this angel name generator! Angels, supernatural beings that are usually depicted as humanoids with feathered wings and halos around their heads, appear in numerous mythologies and religions. There even is a separate field of study called “angelology” that concentrates on these supernatural creatures. Moreover, in the 21th century angels feature not only in scriptures and mythological texts, but also in variety of popular culture products, and scientists, “angelologists” , are not the only people who show interest in these creatures. In fact, we believe that this angel name generator will help the pretty wide range of people.

First of all, it should be a real time saver for all the screenwriters. As you might already know, angels appear in variety of television series and movies, such as All Dogs Go to Heaven, The X-Files, Angels in America, Angels in Infield, Fallen, Highway to Heaven, Neverwhere, Lisa Sceptic, The Watchers, The Unorthodox Shepherd, Supernatural, Touched by an Angel, A Passage for Trumpet and so on… You have probably seen at least some of them and if not, you definitely should. I don’t know what it is exactly about angelic characters that make them so attractive, but they definitely add charm to every television series and movie. Of course, creating an admirable and believable angel character is quite difficult. Our hope is that this angel name generator will make this task a little bit easier: either by helping screenwriters to come up with some names or by inspiring them to come up with whole new angelic characters.

The system we have here could also come in handy if you enjoy role playing games, such as Angels Online or Dungeons and Dragons. As you might already know, in the later of these games angels can be not only good-aligned, but also malevolent (at least that’s how things work since the 4th edition of D&D). Having this in mind, we decided to include some evil-sounding names into the database that supports this angel name generator. Some of them are actually so cool and powerful, you might want to use them as your permanent gaming nickname, Xbox Live GamerTag or something similar. But why should you rely on our words, when you can check this system and see if we are not trying to oversell it? Just click the button that reads “Generate Angel Names” (it is right below this text) and a new suggestion will appear right in front of you!

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