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If you are planning on using this anagram name generator, it makes sense for us to assume that you already know what an anagram is. However, here is a brief reminder for those who have slept through most of literature lessons: an anagram is a type of word play that results from rearranging letters of a word or phrase to produce a new word or phrase, using all the original letters only once.
Although it might seem so, a good anagram (the one that actually has some meaning and is wise, funny or exceptional in some other way) is not easy to make. In fact, some people spend years perfecting their skills in this particular field. So if you tried to come up with a cool anagram name all by yourself, you should probably dedicate a considerable amount of time for this one task. This might be ok if you are the type of person who actually enjoys playing with letters and words, but if you are not… Well in that case you should expect this task to require nerves, as well as time. On the other hand, this won’t be necessary if you use this anagram name generator!
Now that you have found this website, clicking the button that is right below this text will be your only job. As long as you will keep doing this, the anagram name generator will keep providing you with new options. You consider yourself extremely choosy and difficult to satisfy? Well this shouldn’t be a problem, as the number and range of names we have here is pretty amazing. In fact, we do not doubt that you will see more than one name that you would actually like to assume. To help you choose among them, we have developed a couple of separate sections: “Anagram Names Generated” and “Favourite Names”. The suggestions are transferred from one list to another by a simple click, so you won’t have any difficulties learning to use this system.
You have not decided yet where to use this anagram name generator? Well here is one idea. You could use this it to come up with an original pseudonym or pen name. As you might already know, quite a few famous artists have used anagram names instead of the real ones. This allowed them to hide their actual identity and to maintain some privacy, plus, while simultaneously making them more interesting to the audience!

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