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Thanks for using this American name generator! If you do not live in the United States and English is not your native language, it is completely understandable why you find it difficult to think of a well-sounding and original American name. Of course, I guess you have seen plenty of movies and/or red books that are set in this country. Plus, I assume you did not manage to hide away from all the Hollywood gossip and American pop stars, so you know their names too. However, the type of your learning source constitutes a potential problem. As you learn the names from television, internet and books, most of them belong to celebrities and fictional characters that we all know, thus might bring various associations.
You might think this that this isn’t even a problem and in turn, that this is not a good reason to use this American name generator. However, I assume you want people to remember your characters for who they are (or to be more particular, for who you wanted them to be). Meanwhile if you pick the name of world famous celebrity, whose face rarely disappears from the magazine covers and whose personal life is documented in tabloids, you will run a risk that your readers will subconsciously draw similarities between that person and your character. I have to say that sometimes, when they believe that such parallel could help them unfold their character to the fullest, authors use this trick on purpose. But is that what you want? Do you think that various associations that come along with the famous name would enrich your story? If you are not sure about this, it is better to use this American name generator to find something really random.
Of course, we are not promising to suggest you with the name that no famous person has been ever given. That would be absurd and even if we managed to find such a name, I doubt it would by typically American. However, we do promise to provide you with thousands of names that could not be linked to one celebrity in particular and in turn, do not have such a strong charge.
So do not hesitate any longer, just click the button that reads “Generate American Names” and wait for a new suggestion to appear right in front of you. Don’t worry, this won’t take more than a second- this system works really fast! We hope you’ll find this American name generator usefull!

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