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Thanks for using this alien name generator! The system you have just found was designed to help all the gamers who do not mind choosing aliens as their playing characters but have trouble coming up with their names, all the book authors who cannot think of an appropriate names for their characters and basically all the sci-fi fans who want to use alien name for whatsoever. However, there is one particular category of people that should find this alien name generator extremely useful and it is screenwriters.
Why them? You must have noticed that alien movies often end up in blockbuster lists and this is for a reason. Extraterrestrial creatures really grab popular imagination and (if the director is talented enough) can add something positive to any movie, was it a comedy, a thriller or a pure hair-raiser. To name some of the most fascinating alien characters that appeared in the movies- Coneheads (this family of three from Remulac appeared in the comedy of the same name), Klaatu (an ambassador form an extraterrestrial confederation, appeared in a movie The Day the Earth Stood Still), the Martians (“Mars Attacks!”), the Prawns (from “District 9”), The Na’vi (amazing blue-skinned creatures that featured in James Cameron’s Oscar winning movie “Avatar”), Predator (if you have seen the movie of the same name, you must have had some trouble falling asleep after it) and probably the most famous pop culture alien of all time, Superman. Do you admire any of these movies and dream of someday writing a screenplay for a film that would achieve a similar success? If you are nodding your head, this system is exactly what you need!
The simple fact that this alien name generator was designed with movies in mind does not mean that you can’t use it to find names for the characters appearing in other cultural products. As we have already mentioned, it will definitely help you find an original, memorable and powerful name for your video game character, book personage and etc. You could even use it to find an exquisite nickname or the name for your pet! So just click the button right below this text and see what this alien name generator has to offer! You see a cool name but don’t want to stop looking yet? Just find that suggestion in the section titled “Alien Names Generated”, click on it and it will be added to your favorites!

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