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This African name generator was developed primarily for (would-be) parents who want their children to have an original and interesting name. I know that although the birth of child is always joyful, it also brings a lot of concerns. Picking the name is only one of them, thus young parents usually don’t have an unlimited amount of time to spend searching. If this problem is familiar for you too, you should be glad you found this African name generator. It will allow you to look trough thousands of names of different styles and origins without leaving one website. Not only this will save you plenty of time, it will also make your decision easier: when all the names are at one place, it is easier to make comparisons.
But why did I decided to develop and an African name generator and not the system that would create, let’s say, Asian or European names? Well first of all, systems of this kind are already available on the internet and they are quite good. Meanwhile all the African name generators I have managed to find are extremely slow and have variety of other drawbacks. Second, I feel like the importance and beauty of African cultures are often underestimated and minimized. I’m not expecting this system to turn things around, but I hope it will make at least a little difference. The wider use of African names could actually help to raise public awareness and interest in the unique heritage of this continent.
Now here are a couple of things about African names that you might find interesting. First of all, some African nations and tribes attribute a great importance to the meaning of name. For example, if the boy is given a name Jasir, which means “fearless champion”, his family and relatives expect him to live up to this name. They expect him to be best at whatever he is doing and hope that the word about their son’s works will live long after they are gone. Second, although there is an enormous cultural variety throughout the continent, there are some themes that repeat themselves from nation to nation. African names often evidence the circumstances in which the child was born or the time of his birth. For example, the name Alfryea means that the baby was born during a good times and Akua indicates that he was born on Wednesday. That’s all you have to know, no go ahead and start using this African name generator!

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