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Thanks for using this name generator! I believe you would agree that in most cases names are extremely important. If we are talking about real names we give to our children or choose for ourselves (in most countries it is legally possible, although not a quite common option), we have to admit that they become an integral part of person’s identity. We think about ourselves, as well as other people, in terms of names and we say that we “don’t know that man”, until we learn his name. This seems a little bit absurd, having in mind what a small and relatively insignificant this piece of information actually is, but this is how it works. Also, when judging some actions we use the phrase “he brought a disgrace upon his name”, as if the name would carry the moral content, which is the sum of everything a person has done and achieved through his life. Knowing how important names are, we all want our kids (and ourselves) to have names they could identify with, that would bring no negative associations. If that’s what you want too, I believe that name generator will help you find exactly what you are looking for. I am absolutely convinced that names are just as important in the sphere of fantasy, books, video games and movies, as they are in real life. Surely, one could say that a screenwriter or book author does not feel the same pressure as the parent, who has the task to name his child. As for one reason, the fictional beings do not go to real-life public schools and as far as I know, rarely get bullied and mocked due to their names. However, the name is part of the image the author is creating and it has an influence on how we perceive certain characters. Thus if you lack ideas, it is way better to use the name generator to find a really cool option than to grab the first random name that pops into your mind. Now if you are new on this website, here is how you use the name generator. To start looking, you have to press the button right below the introductory text. If the suggestion is good enough to be considered as an option, slide down the window to find it in the list and click, so it would be added to your favorites. Good luck looking!

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